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DOTSet v.1.54

DOTSet provides a configuration interface for the Stevens DOT Logger. DOTSet gives the user full control over every aspect of the DOT Logger, including (but not limited to) individual channel setup, data collection schedules, reporting intervals, and telemetry types. DOTSet can also return the current sensor readings for quick reference.

For Stevens DOT Logger with Firmware version N. Compatible with Windows 95 up to XP.

If support for an older DOT Logger such as Firmware version J is needed, please submit a support ticket or contact us.

Changes for DOTSet version 1.54:
Added support for 10 to 199 SDI-12 channels, which is the only change from version 1.51n. Users need not up upgrade unless support for more than 10 SDI-12 channels is requiered for your application.


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