HydraProbe Field Portable (AKA Field POGO)

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HydraMon app (iOS - iPhone, iPad)

HydraMon app (Android)

HydraMon is a free app available for both Apple and Android devices, and is the app you need to use to connect to and log data from your HydraProbe Field Portable.

Sampled readings are displayed on the screen for review, and can be saved by selecting "Sample and Save".

Sample locations can be marked using GPS location and included with saved sample data. All saved data can be exported via email at any time in .CSV format.


1. Download HydraMon on your Apple device from the App Store or on your Android device from the Google Play store.

2. Plug in the Field Portable wall power adapter and charge the batteries for two hours, or until the charge light turns green, prior to first use (DO NOT charge with power switch on). You may now turn on the Field Portable.

3. Open the ‘Settings’ on your Apple or Android device.

4.Select Wi-Fi and find the ‘POGO xxxxxx’ network. (xxxxxx is the serial number of your Field Portable unit).

5. Return to the main home screen, find and launch the Hydramon app. In the upper right-hand side of the screen, tap ‘Connect’ to pair the app with the Field Portable. Once connected, you can sample readings and save them directly to the app for export and analysis.

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    Seppo Rausio

    We tested your soil sensors in such a way that we measured the same soil Adwa AD 32 the measuring instruments, soil moisture and its mS / cm value.
    Method of measurement or some other thing the measurement results are not directly comparable.
    I will send you the results of the for evaluation and ask why the difference is indicated by there and can find the conversion factor.
    If this is possible then ask for contact e-mail address.
    Seppo Rausio

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