HydraProbe (AKA Hydra Probe II) and HydraProbe Analog

HydraProbe Datasheet (English)

HydraProbe User Manual


Other documents:

HydraProbe selected to be used in Canada’s RISMA Network for Agricultural Monitoring - A study published in the Soil Science Society of America Journal investigated the field performance of 5 soil moisture instruments in heavy clay soils.

A Multiscale Soil Moisture and Freeze–thaw Monitoring Network on the Third Pole - Not directly related to HydraProbe, but shows the importance of calibration of typical TDR soil moisture sensors (and emphasizes the value of HydraProbe, which needs no calibration).

Investigating the backscatter contrast anomaly in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery of the dunes along the Israel-Egypt border - A study by McGill University in which the HydraProbe is to correlate data collected from a satellite on soils on the Egypt/Israel border.

Dielectric Loss and Calibration of the HydraProbe

Evaluation of the Stevens HydraProbe's Temperature Measurements from -30°C to +40°C

The Stevens HydraProbe Inorganic Soil Calibrations

The Parameters of the HydraProbe

Evaluation of Dielectric Constant-Based Soil Moisture Sensors in a Semiarid Rangeland

Measurement of Soil Water Content with a 50-MHz Soil Dielectric Sensor

Temperature Effects on Soil Dielectric Properties Measured at 50 MHz

Using Campbell Data Loggers with an SDI-12 Hydra Probe

Calculating Pore Water Electrical Conductivity From the Dielectric Permittivities of Soil

Connecting the Hydra Probe II to the Campbell CR10X Datalogger



HydraMon app (iOS - iPhone, iPad)

HydraMon app (Android)

HydraMon allows users to configure and download data from the HydraProbe soil sensor through the HydraProbe Field Portable.


Software (HydraProbe Analog):

The following are software programs for viewing HydraProbe (Analog) voltage output measurements. See the user manual for more detail information on these programs. 


Hydra and Hyd_file v.2.7

Zip file contains Hydra.exe and Hyd_file.exe.

"Hyd_file" is a software program designed that allows the input of raw Hydra Probe data, outputting a file consisting of the processed data and is primarily designed to allow the user to quickly process large amounts of data from automated data collection systems.

The "Hydra" data reduction program enables user to manually convert four voltages to complex soil moisture reading. Hydra will prompt the user for a soil type and the four measured voltages V1, V2, V3, V4s. The program will then generate the following output, real and imaginary dielectric constant, temperature, temperature corrected real and imaginary dielectric constants, water content, soil salinity, soil conductivity, temperature corrected soil conductivity, and temperature corrected soil water conductivity.

Note: version 2.7 now supports the loam calibration setting.


Micro - Operational software designed for use with Stevens' Hydra Data Reader. This is a DOS-based application that can be run under a Windows environment for downloading collected data from the handheld Hydra Data Reader to your PC.


Hyd_log - Software program that does the data reduction algorithm on the data in an ASCII file downloaded from the Hydra Logger or Stevens Hand Held Data Reader and converts the information into the complex soil moisture.


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